Stepping Out

There are certain pictures I took around 2006/2007 that still stand as being favourites. I was lucky that at that time I had a day off during the week and when I wasn’t doing musical explorations I was exploring my feminine side. I practised my make-up as well as that was something I had only dabbled in a little bit before. These days I use very little make-up and tend to go for a more natural look. Usually just foundation, lipstick, eye-liner and mascara (rarely use eye-shadow). I tend to favour liquid eye-liner done in the winged style and only on my top lid. A nod to those classy sixties ladies you always see in old photos like Catherine Denueve. I don’t have a definitive bra size though they mostly seem to be C cups. Most of my bras are cast off’s, having only ever bought one myself, an attractive blue and pink lacey one with matching thong. I love thongs! I’m one for ‘tucking’ and a nice tight thong usually keeps ‘him’ in place. I’ve always tucked. I know not everyone does – I wonder if that guy from ‘The Silence of the Lambs’ put them off! I always thought it completes the look, erasing the last vestiges of masculinity (after shaving of course). It is possible to hide the testicles as well by literally manoeuvring them back up from whence they originated. Really sorry to put that image in your mind but I promised myself I was going to be as frank as possible here. ImageGrrrrrrr! ImageOne day I’ll perfect the art of smiling Going outside dressed is another area that’s interesting to me. I’m sure it’s one of the things that most cross-dressers really desire to do. To be able to walk about freely, feel the wind on your legs and under your skirt, the click of your heels on the pavement. It’s brilliant – though terrifying at the same time. In the last year I’ve gone out for a walk late at night around 6 times, and with each sojourn have grown more courageous and spent longer wondering. I don’t go far, around the block usually but I’ve varied my route each time. No subsequent jaunt can ever match that first one for sheer excitement. I had been out once before when I was younger but if you recall that didn’t end or begin well. This time I had keys with me! When the door closed I felt so alive. I was wearing a random top, scarf, pleated black skirt (a la Zooey Deschanel – above the knee obviously), black tights (80 denier) and brown knee high boots. I didn’t have a bag to complete the look sadly so I had to make do with one of my man bags turned the other way. I was only out for about 15 minutes but it was a massive adrenaline rush, especially when I hit a main road. I passed a couple waiting for a bus and instantly wondered if they’d sussed me. I’d like to think that as I passed the man stole another look as my skirt swished from side to side with the swagger that my heeled boots gave me. I was cautious to brush my hair more forward than usual, just incase anyone got too close a look. I know I can’t fool everybody. I find it really weird that I should think that – I don’t fancy men in the slightest but the idea of male attention just adds an extra frisson. It’s one of the odder quirks of this whole thing though it’s not an overriding desire. I would have no intention of fulfilling that one. I don’t actively seek males out, though they’re invariably a hazard online. Some of them are sweet and some of them are downright pushy. Image Image As I write I have entered a period where it is getting harder to grab some femme time. I’m not totally fazed by this as it makes it all the more special when it does happen. But I still long for it and am even starting to calculate when this next opportunity may arise. What I particularly like is when I get an evening –  a rarity indeed. My wife and kids periodically stay over at her mother and father’s and that’s probably my favourite time. I always think of cross-dressing as a night time activity, under the cover of darkness. Though day time is fine, my imperfections are less evident by lamplight and the cathode (well, LED these days) glow. I might watch a film or catch up online, nothing sinister. Maybe a little spot of housework. Every now and then catching my reflection and getting a little thrill from it. Who is this mysterious woman staring back at me? Truth is it’s just me, she’s no different. I never gave her a name for years and the only reason I did was so I could set up a My Space profile. ‘Secret Poet’ was a title from my notebook that seemed to fit – my secret self. I’ve never considered changing it as I’ve no real need to and I’m too used to it now. I’m often interested how other ‘girls’ got their names and have asked on numerous occasions. Much like I also find it interesting how couples met. I always like those stories. They vary so wildly sometimes. The origins of femme names are no different. Like I said at the beginning I named myself after a Page 3 girl  – I think she’s moved on now. The particular picture I seen her in was an incredible feast for the eyes. It was a classic pin-up style shoot and all the regulars of the day were done up in period make-up and vintage looking undergarments. Anna was the only one showing her posterior to any degree and I do love a posterior! White thong and suspenders set it off nicely but needn’t have been there. I always remember that image while the other ones have all faded from memory. I think it was for the Sun 2006 calendar. ImageGood night! x

2 thoughts on “Stepping Out

  1. Penny Clare

    Brilliant and terrifying indeed.
    Tucking is a tricky thing. It gets easier with time, but it does (ahem) knock the sperm count for six. Fortunately that’s not an issue for me, though for a younger person it might matter rather a lot. I don’t feel properly dressed unless I have the jools safely packed away, even when I’m going to be wearing a skirt. Funny that, but I suppose it’s to do with feeling the part as well as looking it.

    1. Anna Secret-Poet Post author

      That’s it exactly – feeling and looking the part! This was how I explained it all to my wife, I don’t like to do things in a half-arsed fashion. I really want to transform properly, to see a different person in the mirror (though not on a permanent basis).
      I genuinely had no idea about the sperm count but I guess after a couple of kids that shouldn’t matter to me now 🙂
      Anna X


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