Dress Day Dawns

You will understand the excitement that surges through you when a dress date finally arrives. Presumably I won’t need to go into too much detail. The rarity of them these days tends to build them up in my mind considerably, though they rarely disappoint. This one came with the added bonus of an empty house overnight and into the afternoon. I took a half day from work in celebration and planned a light shopping trip on the way home. I really wanted a new pair of ankle boots, preferrably black and with a chunkier heel than the ones I have at present. In Primark I got such a pair in the sale for £10. Also while I was in a charity shop I spied a very smart pair of red heels marked down to £2! They were a size 8 so I knew they probably wouldn’t fit me but they may fit my wife (they did just that). When presenting them at the till the old lady was horrified and appalled by my £10 note and pleaded for something smaller. I scraped £1.90 together. That made her a lot happier and a deal was struck. After that I decided it was home time and I was overdue some lunch, which if you’re interested came in the form of poached eggs, bacon and toast. A short period of rest followed and then I put ‘Operation Hair Removal’ into action; legs, chest, under arms and face. For the legs these days I favour a sensitive hair removal cream like Nair. It’s really easy to use and the hair doesn’t grow back so coarse. Sometime later the transformation got underway and here are some of the looks I affected over the coarse of the evening…





I had had a few beers in the afternoon but once Anna was on the scene I switched to a bottle of Rose that I’d got for Christmas. It was yummy and I became rather tipsy. With tipsy also comes ‘saucy’ and then this happened…



Being a maid was tiring so I decided it was time to put my feet up and watch a film. There are a plethora of films on out Tivo box that we’ve recorded over the last 6 months so I picked one of them: ‘The Wicker Tree’, from the director of one of my favourites ‘The Wicker Man’. It was poor – I knew it was going to be. Some born again Christians from Texas go to Scotland to remind the heathens there about Christ. They end up in the hands of some randy pagans who’ve been looking for pure souls to appease their gods. I ended up on Youtube after that and came across some female hypnosis videos. Don’t know if they worked properly or not as in my drunken state I had become rather relaxed and fell asleep doing the second video. It couldn’t have been for long but when I awoke I had a strong compulsion to go out for a stroll. This is not unusual. I have ventured outside several times over the last couple of years, mostly after midnight and never too far. There was snow on the ground but I would not be deterred, I would wear my knee high boots (none of these wellingtons!). I touched up my make-up and slipped into my red houndtooth dress. After pulling on the boots over my smooth tight-less legs I threw on a long coat plus a silvery scarf, gloves and some ear muffs. It was a cold, calm and still world I walked around. Only the occssional footprint in mostly virgin snow. I felt recharged, formidable even. I felt like a trailblazer charging through the snowblown wilds…of course in reality I was just a restless drunk tranny strutting up a deserted street at midnight! Hopefully I did it in a vaguely fabulous way…


On a high from my brief sojourn I ended up in bed late and awoke early with a cat nudging my face. It’s not unusual, if I have time that is, for there to be what I call an overspill into the morning. That’s to say I make the most of the time I have and dress up again for a while in the morning. A simple black stretchy skirt and the stripey top from last night. I also took the opportunity to type up and post my last blog entry in character which I’ve only really done a couple of times. After doing that I got to thinking about my outing again and how much I’d really like a night on the town. I am aware that there are T-friendly bars and clubs in Glasgow but would need to seek an ally or allies from amongst my friends to accompany me. I must go out soon! This is the next step and I shall need to plan it in fairly close detail – so let the planning/dreaming commence 🙂

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