Stuck in a Dress!

Last night my wife’s friend popped round for a coffee and with a bag of hand me down clothes. Most of them were for my daughter but she surprised me when she produced a silky patterned dress and announced “This is for you if you’d like it”. As a matter of fact I did like it and noticed it was a size 16 – that should be okay I thought and I put it in the room for later.


When I was getting ready for bed later on that evening I remembered the dress and decided to give it a try. It felt really nice (smelled really nice too!). I slipped it over my head and it cascaded down my torso rather pleasingly. Yes I like this. But when it came to removing it became a different game – damn these muscley arms of mine! I was stuck and mild panic set in. Memories of previous  stuck situations flashed before my eyes, searching for a way to deal with this. I’m sure every crossdresser has exprienced this, especially with something that they know they shouldn’t have tried on. Now they need to get out of it without ruining the garment. I still harbour a little remorse for one of sister’s skirts I busted many years ago. In the end I had to enlist the help of my wife so as to ensure the survival of the dress, she was most amused. And do you know, being such a glutton for punishment I’m actually going to keep it for now and may wear it again X

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