Before and After

I grabbed a couple of hours the other day to get dressed and amongst the usual posing I managed to take a picture before and after. Attempts had been made a few times over the years but this is probably the best so far, even managed to get the pics side by side for proper comparison thanks to one of my new apps.


One of the other apps I got is called Photo Blend and it enabled me to overlay one picture on top of the other. The result pleased me greatly as it managed to sum up this ongoing internal struggle between the masculine and feminine. Both sides fighting it out to attain solid form!


Other than these it was business as usual trying on outfits old and new. Here are a few highlights…





Of course I should have put a vest top on under this but you wouldn’t see my lovely bra then would you?


7 thoughts on “Before and After

    1. Anna Secret-Poet Post author

      Thank you, it is kind of reckless isn’t it? Before and after pics have always fascinated me though and I couldn’t wait to add mine to the throng πŸ™‚

      1. Maria B

        You had good luck at shopping it seems! I love going thrifting, but I rarely find something pretty 😁 here’s to a great one 🍷

      2. Anna Secret-Poet Post author

        I love doing that too but I find my main problem is I’m limited to bigger sizes. Chin chin as they say πŸ‘(sorry I couldn’t find a bottle of wine or a glass)

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