Idea for a Superhero?



I had an idea for my superhero alter-ego the other day – TRANNYMAN! I’m sorry if the name offends anyone but the word tranny doesn’t really bother me because that’s what I am 🙂

As you can see I shall wield the Handbag of Justice and kick with the Heels of Truth. I shall be more or less invincible.

PS: Anyone who actually follows this blog may be mystified by this seemingly random outburst. I’m still sitting on the ‘Letter’ just now so I’m indulging in some lighthearted whimsy to cheer myself up (albeit in rather low resolution). Hope you all have a fabulous weekend X

4 thoughts on “Idea for a Superhero?

  1. rachaelspage

    I have young children who love the ‘Shezow’ cartoon. YouTube it if you haven’t come across it. Most peculiar!


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