If you want something visual (but not too abysmal)

Hello there!

After my very wordy last couple of posts I thought I’d share some pics from the weekend. I managed an evening and morning session which is always fun and also played about with a new photo editing app for some ‘post production’. Silly me only just discovering I can do this, correcting lighting, bringing up contrast etc. Here are some highlights…


This is a photo from a while back but has been improved ten fold.


I like this one as my favourite trick is to have focus on the face but blur the surroundings. I employed that trick elsewhere as well…




I do love that houndtooth top, sadly it requires a shaved chest to get away with it well so I can’t wear it all the time.


The denim skirt is my wife’s, she’s been toying with getting rid of it lately. I really liked it, I wouldn’t normally.



I was trying out a new wig with prominent bangs, still finding hairs from it into the week!


This is the last one, I sat down to watch a pirate copy* of ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ – from the Far East no less. Noticed loads of censoring during sex scenes, overall though a massive bore.

*no keelhauling or plank walking involved sadly 😦

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