Anna’s New Shoes

Good day to you all!

Hope you’re having a lovely weekend – I know I am and I want to tell you why. The best charity shop find ever happened yesterday, I found a pair of size 11 heels which reach a staggering height of 6.5 inches. It’s the first time I’ve bought lady shoes and they’ve been a little bit roomy. I have to say I like that sensation. They’re so cool it’s almost like I shouldn’t wear them at all and I should put them on a shelf and admire them.


I’m especially pleased because it’s obvious that they’ve been previously owned by a like-minded soul, albeit a soul who possibly spent an obscene amount of money on them. I paid £8.99 but I googled the company ‘Only Maker’ and they’re all custom made. The sale stuff alone is in the region of $50 and upwards so goodness knows how much they originally cost.

Another interesting point is that they are immaculate underneath – they’ve never been worn outside! Having tottered about the house in them myself I can see why though. Even my wife had a go, strutting up and down the hall. We had a good old laugh but she actually looked sensational in them. Although I’m tentatively considering them an investment I’m determined to enjoy them for a while. Can’t wait to team them with silky smooth legs and an outfit of some kind!


3 thoughts on “Anna’s New Shoes

    1. Anna Secret-Poet Post author

      Thank you, I’m always the same. Torturing myself looking at these gorgeous 5’s and 6’s that perenially haunt the shelves of charity shops across the land. A day of victory at last!


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