An Unexpected Session

I had some well earned time off during the week and I got to do a whole bunch of fun family stuff. Days out (including the Edinburgh Festival), pottering around the house – that sort of thing. Probably one of the highlights was Tueaday when my wife said that once the kids were in bed I could dress up for a while and we’d watch something. There was a catch however…she would choose me an outfit and help me with my make-up. This should be interesting I thought so I began to look forward to it immensely. What would she put me in?

I had already pre-shaved while bathing the kids earlier so we did the make-up first. She gave me some tips on using my concealer – apparently I need a lighter one – and she gave me smoky eyes which is something I can’t do yet. For an outfit she picked out a couple of autumnal items, a burgandy top with lacey shoulders and neck and a purpley checked skirt. Sorry I have no pictures of that ensemble, I wasn’t really thinking about it at that point and was too shy to ask if she’d take a picture.

After catching up on some ‘Gotham’ we vegetated for a little longer and I inevitably craved an outfit change. I changed a couple of times, first into this tight stripey dress that I acquired recently.




Towards the end of the evening I changed into a new top I’d gotten at the weekend and a comfy tight black skirt. You can’t get a good view in this next pic but I guess you get the idea.


It’s a lovely little top, only cost a couple of pounds.

I had a nice pleasant evening in all, it felt comfortable too to be sharing this side a bit more with my wife. Hopefully she’s beginning to get a bit more comfortable with it as well, especially in light of recent revelations which did actually rock her a little. I do hope we do it again one time – no rush πŸ™‚



10 thoughts on “An Unexpected Session

    1. Anna Secret-Poet Post author

      Thank you, you’re very kind indeed! It was all over too quickly but it was nice to let my wife take the reins and make her feel more of a part of it. Hope you’re having a lovely weekend X

  1. Siobhan Hapgood

    I’ve struggling and failing miserably with the ‘smoky eye’ for over a year, probably because my skin is so slack that it heads off in the opposite direction as soon as anything is applied to it. Sadly, my wife gave up on eyes, (and probably me), long ago. Very taken with the stripey dress – my heart says ‘get one, my head disagrees. Keep up the good work.

    1. Anna Secret-Poet Post author

      Thank you Siobhan, you’re very kind. To be honest I was a bit giddy when my eyes were being done so I didn’t pay attention to the technique. Stripes are always good (dots too!) I’m sure you could find the perfect one for you, that one was my wife’s. She recently had a clear out which when I’m around can defeat the purpose – size permitting of course xxx


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