Hooray for Everything You Never Wanted

Hooray for Everything You Never Wanted


When you’re cold and pretend not to know it

When you’re sad and you don’t want to show it

When you’re happy and you don’t want to lose it

Indecisive and don’t want to choose it

When you’re scared and you just won’t admit it

Frustrated but can’t bear to hit it

Feeling small and you can’t rise above it

Empty heart but you can’t stand to love it


When you start and you just can’t stop it

You’ve got an axe and you can’t bear to chop it

You’ve got something and you don’t know what is it

Run a bit faster ‘cause you don’t want to miss it

When you swear but you don’t want to bleep it

Or when you’re tired but you don’t want to sleep it

You’re offended and you can’t deny it

You’ve got the money but you just don’t buy it



(old school Anna pic circa 2007, with apologies x)

2 thoughts on “Hooray for Everything You Never Wanted

    1. Anna Secret-Poet Post author

      Thank you, I’m expanding it into a song when I get a chance later this week. That’s an old pic I recovered recently from my old My Space, can’t believe it’s still out there!


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