Cover girl at last!

I’ve been making an album on and off since July and I finally finished it last week. The tracks are all sequenced in order and the gaps between songs have been applied with maddening precision. The title and front cover however pose a tiny problem. The only idea I had for it months ago was to call it ‘B-Side Boy vs VHS Girl’ and have me facing off with my femme self on the cover. An audacious idea indeed and one that I attempted on Friday afternoon, moments before filming the video that I shared at the weekend. So far I’m going along with it and have even enlisted a friend (who knows about Anna) to help me knit the photos together as they will need a bit of work…



Perhaps I’ll have a comic book style lightning bolt in the centre


Unfortunately as you can see the light changed in the ten minutes or so it took to get ready after my man pics were taken. A new record, ha! In the main that is because I’m hyper-aware of how this could be construed by people I know who aren’t necessarily in the know. I deliberately did a sparse make-up job (eye shadow, lipstick and some powder), my least favourite wig and a gorgeous black dress. Given that I generally wear a dress, tights and heels on stage these days a wig and some make-up probably isn’t going to stretch folks imagination too far. I do wish I didn’t worry about how I am perceived but I just can’t help myself. Combining my twin loves of dressing up and guitars is something I’ve been wanting to do for years and at the time of writing it’s been two years – around the time of starting this blog actually. I’ll admit that both bolg and performing in a dress has helped me come to terms with it and accept myself a whole lot more. Having been able to share it in these ways and have a bit of a laugh with it has helped enormously too. I take my overall femme look and appearance seriously but only to a point.

So to put a version of my female self on the cover or not? I think I’m going to have to as otherwise I’ll be left with a fairly uninspired idea instead like these…


Push my Dirty Button’


‘Shadowy Bastard’



The Orange is Watching Us All!’

I reckon I may just get away with it as it’s predominantly friends and acquaintances who will end up with copies of it. I don’t tend to mass produced them. Oops I’ve just convinced myself! When I get it all sorted I’ll share it with you if you like. It’s quite a strong set this time around; robust, edgy, humourous, emotional but not saccharine, playful, melodic, funky and rocking. I’m even planning to promote one of the tracks as a single and produce a shoddy music video to accompany it. Just need to decide now what combination of pictures to use on the front 🙂

21 thoughts on “Cover girl at last!

  1. meganmilesauthor

    This is fantastic, Anna! I say be bold and glam it up on your cover…go full Anna! Embrace the unique qualities that make you special 🙂

      1. meganmilesauthor

        🙂 I dig your music. Reminiscent of young Elvis Costello meets Madness. Intelligent writing with a playful sensibility 🙂

      2. Anna Secret-Poet Post author

        2 great artists right there – love them both! I always like it when people compare my stuff to something else because it’s not usually what the last person said! Thank you again 😄

      3. meganmilesauthor

        Just a vibe I get…not a comparison, because your stuff is unique…the sound is organic and refreshing.

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  3. Elizabeth Taylor

    Hi Anna, I love your album cover concept. Have you tried color correcting the photos in photo editing software like Lightroom or Photoshop? Compositing images is tough and I’m impressed that your perspective stayed so consistent between shots.

    1. Anna Secret-Poet Post author

      Thank you! I must confess I never got past Microsoft Paint (ha ha ha). A friend of mine did a version for me where the two sides were evened out and I ended up using that on the inside sleeve. I grew used to my garish pixelly version you see. It was more me than the crystal clear perfect one 😄


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