Starting a Trend

I may have accidentally set Twitter alight yesterday! Oops, sorry 😄

I’ve had a Twitter account for around 18 months and for a while couldn’t get the hang of it at all. In the last couple of months though I’ve been playing Hashtag Games which to me are just puns and cheeky wordplay. The other week I started my own: #MakeASongOrFilmACheese

Amongst the examples were; Gouda Vibrations, Roquefort Around the Clock, Boursin City…you get the idea.

Another came to me on Saturday night, namely #DepressABeatlesSong. Before tweeting it though I was determined to come up with several to start it off so someone would see it and join in. I had: Love Me Don’t, She Hates You, Drive My Car (over a cliff) and Do Pass Me By. To my horror and surprise it caught on and was an exciting day indeed culminating in that unfortunate NME article above. I was disappointed especially on seeing the way people can run with an idea that isn’t theirs. My intention was daftness but some of the tweets were pretty horrendous and mean spirited. It was brilliant to see it at one point becoming one of the top trenders of the (western) world which I did learn a lesson from in true american sitcom style. It also showed to me the power of the internet and how quickly things move on. As far as I can see it has died down now and perhaps that’s for the best. I don’t really want to bring any truly unecessary attention to this aspect of myself.


11 thoughts on “Starting a Trend

  1. Allison M.

    *shock* It was you who started that topic? I admit my male mode account joined in on the trend, albeit one passing tweet (it wasn’t in a mean-spirited vein. That’s the sad thing about Twitter and social media: Anyone can take a topic and twist and bend it so that it fits their own world viewpoint. At least the good-spirited always win out.

    1. Anna Secret-Poet Post author

      Guilty! My wife was worried it would bring too much attentiom my way but I assured her the world would have moved on by morning – and I was kinda right πŸ˜„. Thank you for joining in, I’m curious as to what you said? X


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