Getting Into Character

After my last post I feel I was able to describe my newest idea more adequately to people and set about pitching it to various people. Not just people who I know could make it happen on a venue level but friends as well. Hearteningly nobody has said ‘don’t do it!’ yet. A couple of days ago I bought a flowery notebook to house the poetry. I have been trying to visualise various small details like that other than just how I shall look. That has also fired my imagination! Character is very important and so I’ve decided she’s a kooky and neurotic librarian with delusions of grandeur. That’s not to say I’ll deliberately let her read awful poetry.
On Tuesday I had a ‘fitting’ for my outfit and tried on 4 of my recent dresses though in truth I don’t think there’s a contest. The winning dress is a grey one I bought for a couple of pounds out of British Heart Foundation. This one is originally from George.



I may team it with glasses as in this next pic but I’m not certain. What do you reckon – too stern?


Although you can’t see I’m also wearing my new red point toed pumps. I’ve decided they should be the only colour in the ensemble.


The other dresses I got included a fetching purple one which is probably more night out than librarian but I like it anyway. It is from Dorothy Perkins originally.


This other one is lovely but made me a bit sad when it didn’t zip all the way up. I really like it though so am going to look into getting it taken out. A first for me. It’s from Marks & Spencers (good god of course that’s not where I got it) and other than the dots it’s principal selling point was the original price tag still being on it. It read: Β£49.50. I got it for a fiver so I was delighted.


The origin of the last one escapes me. It is longer than I’d normally like but feels so nice on. I reckon this could be another contender for the librarian as it has a floaty summer casualness to it. Real fashion people do forgive my relative ignorance in describing female attire in general. I’m still learning – it is all dead complicated 😄


With the outfit more or less sorted I can now think seriously about content. I have already been pondering possible banter and gags to compliment the poetic content. I’m no comedian sadly but I do want there to be humour. Not of the acerbic kind but daft and occasionally surreal humour. By far my favourite kind. I truly cannot wait to get a date sorted which hopefully is a good sign. Maybe that could give me something to write about…or perhaps I may just share another poem. It’s possible I may end up with a few spare in the coming weeks.

13 thoughts on “Getting Into Character

  1. Veronica Beta

    Miss Anna. I’m a fan πŸ™‚ I hope that you get some vids of your act. SO would like to hear your voice. And yes, go with the glasses, they are an excellent prop, and I’ve ALWAYS been a sucker for that attractive librarian look! I think you pull it off quite well. Glasses are great prop for a stage act. The red on those pumps? SOLID. The stockings? F.A.B.! Rock that stage like a Thunderbird Dear! πŸ™‚

    1. Anna Secret Poet Post author

      Thank you Veronica, you’re very kind indeed. Hope to get photos and vids if I can, that’d be swell! I think I’m not going to alter my voice too much, that may be part of the humour I think. Not worked that out yet I guess. I’ve always been a sucker for a librarian too. Take care and thank you again!

  2. Eleanor Burns

    Glasses always work well for the librarian look, and I am torn between the grey dress and the last one… Maybe alternating nights. I look forward to hearing more about your act. πŸ™‚ xxx

  3. Simply Samantha

    Hi Anna,

    I think you look great in all the dresses, but have to agree on the grey dress as my favourite. I love the way you change the look with glasses, necklaces and your hair compliments your overall look. Good luck with everything. Samantha xx

    1. Anna Secret Poet Post author

      Thank you and indeed I am! I do need to calm down a wee bit and plan it well though. I can be quite impulsive πŸ˜„ The look is straightforward to sort but the material has to be good so I’m working on that at the moment. I do hope you have a lovely weekend!


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