Too Excited To Title This!

I have suddenly become very busy in the past week because I have my first Anna gig to prepare for! It takes place in just under a fortnights time at the 8th Birthday Celebrations of Spangled Cabaret – a highly respected and versatile font of cabaret in the west of Scotland. Terrified doesn’t even cover it!

Luckily ever since the inception of this idea (a mere 4 weeks ago) I have been endeavouring to stickpile material and I have around 7 poems and 3 unfinished or awaiting redrafts. My set will probably only be about 5 mins or so at a guess so that’s maybe 3 poems. It should be fine. I had a chance to dress rehearse quite literally on Saturday morning and filmed some of it too so I could watch it back. If it’s okay I would like to share one of the videos with yourselves. I have 3 on my Secret Poet YouTube channel (of which the url escapes me) but this is of my favourite one, ‘Stuck in a Dress’ which is based on a post from last year. A big shout out to for providing me with the best line – the pretty cage one X

I also found time to do the usual…pose about, lounge about…that sort of thing. Inevitably some photos ensued, this time using the ‘house camera’ which these days is a rare event indeed. Here are some of the highlights.








I don’t really know what’s happening in the last 2, wig was probably too tight or something. Getting a bit delirious!

Shameless plug alert – I also made a Facebook page which I would be most honoured if folk ‘liked’ it. Amusingly since inaugurating it last weekend I’ve had 10 unlikes but that’s probably just down to people deleting their profiles in shame, as some no doubt do periodically. It can be found at

In the meantime I have the chance of one more rehearsal and my aim is to finish at least one more to try out at it. Then a week after that it all gets pretty real! I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend/week (delete where appropriate) X

18 thoughts on “Too Excited To Title This!

  1. Veronica Beta

    My dear Ms. Anna
    Give them some shock & awe! Your going to rock! I so very much hope you get a vid. Keeping you in our thoughts during ritual. Hugs. V & V ! πŸ™‚

  2. Veronica Beta

    Oh. Forgot to mention. Your our new favorite “sexy” librarian. Well done. Get yourself poet-ing like a BOSS ! πŸ™‚ XO V & V

      1. Caden Lane

        It’s quite alright hon. It was a wonderful post. The edit function is a handy thing. But you can always switch a post back to a draft if it needs a major revision.

        Cadence Lane

  3. Mags Kabunga

    Loved the poem and video sweetie, can’t wait for more posts! Am away to ‘like’ your fb page, only regret is there isn’t a ‘love’ fb option πŸ’“πŸ˜ x


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