Hello there!

It’s been a fairly Anna-less few weeks but I have been working on some more material incase of any future gigs. Some time was snatched last night to film four more poems which I shall share over the course of the week. Obviously I took some pictures too – with my new DSLR so I’ll share them soon too if anyone is interested.

Mainly today I’d like to share something I promised to ages ago. I promised you a ‘dodgy video’ for a track from the B-Side Boy vs VHS Girl album. Well after overcoming software problems last week my post-production finally took place yesterday!

I’d like to present to you the video for ‘Unloved’ by B-Side Boy 🙂

Next time there will be dresses! You can be sure of it…

16 thoughts on “Unloved

      1. Isabella Belucci

        Won’t know until you try. Actually, most of my adult life was as a professional musician. I was in the US Air Force Band stationed in Washington, DC for twenty-two years. I’ve heard a little music in my time. So it was clever writing, nicely done and presented. I wasn’t just having you on when I made my original comment. Keep it up!

      2. Anna Secret Poet Post author

        Thank you, I just get very bashful when people say nice things 😜 I will try to keep it up I promise, I mostly do it for my own gratification and if other people like it it’s a bonus X

  1. meganmilesauthor

    Love this video! Catchy tune with an excellent hook! Your performance is energetic and the production is refreshingly raw and naturalistic. This one needs to go viral!

    1. Anna Secret Poet Post author

      Thank you Megan, you’re very kind to say! Wish I could’ve done something more adventurous and outdoorsy…perhaps next time. Viral would be nice but sadly improbable. A musically transmitted disease now there’s a thought 😄

      1. meganmilesauthor

        🙂 I forgot to mention…I find your lyrics always hit a clever note as well! Bravo!

      1. A Kinder Way

        Well just so you know…my husband and I are still humming and randomly blurting out a word or two from the song today. Catchy little bugger! 🙂

      2. Anna Secret Poet Post author

        Mwhah hah hah! It was all part of my dastardly plan 😀 To infect the world with melodies a couple of folk at a time. It certainly makes a change from it being in my head!

  2. candicejune

    Sorry to hear you’ve been Anna less lately. I’ve moved my blog. Finally got to finding you again to follow. Yay!

    1. Anna Secret Poet Post author

      That’s okay hun, I had a gig the other night that sorted me out. Hoping to write about it soon and share pics from it. It’s a pleasure to have you in my feed again. Take care xxx

      1. candicejune

        It’s nice to find you again. I didn’t stay down very long either. Just had to reorganize.

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