An Anniversary and Mobile Phonies

I really want to share one of my new poems with you. It was only written a week ago but I’m really pleased with it so when a chance to dress up and film some came up it was included. I call it ‘Mobile Phonies’ and it’s about that modern day problem, you know the one I mean!

Next time a poem is lucky enough to be filmed I plan to make it more dynamic with editing and everything. I acquired a new software the other day and it’s a lot more user-friendly than the one I used to use. I need to make it more of a video as I guess static shot videos are harder to concentrate on these days.

I also came to the realisation that the 6th (or was it the 7th?) of March was the anniversary of Anna’s first night out. The original post documenting it can be found here . Since then I’ve technically only managed one other and that was under the guise of a gig. I quite fancy another one at some point as I’m not sure I was sufficiently relaxed enough to enjoy the previous two. Watch this space! Upon pondering this I happened upon a little verse I wrote on the day of the first outing that I had completely forgotten about. It is untitled and I think I wrote it during my lunchbreak that day.

Senses sharpened
I open my eyes
Thoughts turn to
My iminent disguise
Will I be accepted?
Will anyone care?
I must have thought it over
Several times
Every few days
I would change my mind
A nice skirt and top
Or my red houndtooth dress
I never anticipated
This trivial stress
I don’t want to out-femme
My partner in crime
But I do want to have
An outrageous time
Maybe make some new friends
Outwith my comfort zone
‘Cause before I know it
I’ll be on the bus home

I’ve got a little time to also share a few photos from my little video shoot on Saturday night. I hope to have some gig news for the next time fingers crossed. Until then, take care X






10 thoughts on “An Anniversary and Mobile Phonies

  1. Veronica Beta

    My Dear Miss Anna. That was a bonnie poem. Tah very much. But I must take exception with something you did write. “There are others from that portion of the shoot but it gets a wee bit saucy” Uh-Huh! As you know, I am married to a “wee” Scots lass. When she decides to be “saucy” she spells it like this “Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Have an awesome weekend Anna. 🙂


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