I knew a song would move the job along!

I’m happy to report another successful gig! This one being my fourth I feel a definite improvement and I reckon I’m starting to get the hang of it. It wasn’t a packed crowd but every single person was up for it and with such a formidable line-up they’d be crazy not to. Tom Harlow, Kim Khaos, Markee De Saw, Roxy Stardust, Tootsie Annie, Lacy Rain and a fellow by the name of Jack Squat. His contribution will especially live on in memory as he came on as the Kraken from ‘Clash of the Titans’ (1981 of course) and lipsynched to ‘Beyond the Sea’ by Bobby Darin!

I closed the first act with my usual nonsense, albeit a couple of poems I haven’t previously read in public yet. There was laughter which still takes me by surprise – I need to learn to ride that wave! And then my song, for this gig I covered another old favourite: ‘A Spoonful of Sugar’ from ‘Mary Poppins’. I’ve always wanted to cover that so I’d been beavering away at it a few weeks prior. Evidently I hadn’t worked on it hard enough as I managed to screw it up. Luckily people loved that even more! Years past in other little solo gigs (when I wasn’t wearing a dress) I’ve found that folk seem to find it rather endearing when you make mistakes and gleefully admit it. I still smile when I think of how people started clapping and singing along, I’m not used to that either. They EVEN did the call and response bit – you know, the bit when Mary sings to herself in the mirror (and hence…). I got a lot of positive feedback which has fired me up and made me even more excited for the next one.

A couple of my friends attended which was brilliant as I didn’t think anyone would go but I was particularly chuffed that an online friend came. A tgirl called Tegan who lives in Glasgow and whom I’d only ever spoken to digitally. That was really nice and topped the evening off nicely. I definitely came away with several new friends and feeling that little bit better about the whole ‘Secret Poet’ thing.

I didn’t get any top quality pics, in truth the lighting wasn’t great. Just the obligatory post make-up selfies and a blurry action that a friend donated.




9 thoughts on “I knew a song would move the job along!

    1. Anna Secret Poet Post author

      Thank you Veronica, that warmed my wee heart. Excitingly I got an e-mail from a local magazine today asking for press shots as they’re doing a wee bit about the next gig X

  1. michellen1960

    Being a solo performer (Bob) I know what it is like to stumble over something. The secret I think is to not draw attention to it, to keep going unless of course it is momumental. Congratulations and well done. You are finding your goove

    1. Anna Secret Poet Post author

      Thank you! The thing is, nervous energy and seeming uncompetence are part of the act. Plus forgetting the actual key you’re modulating to is quite hard to cover up 😄 xxx


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