More Publicity!

I was contacted a few weeks ago now by a website called Tranzgendr and asked if I wanted to tell my story. I popped over to the site and decided I liked the look and feel of it and thought sure why not. Would be great to add my voice to the throng. It was published later that same day! The header image is a proper picture from my last gig which I finally got to see the other day. Under the link I’ll share the other two.



In the past few days I’ve managed to get a couple more dates for the coming month. I’m set to play The Creative Martyrs’ Sinister Wink night which I’m especially looking forward to. Also I’m going to appear at my first non-cabaret style evening….an actual poetry night with real poets and everything. It is a themed night also, the theme is ‘equality’ so I’ll have the chance to write something new for it!

6 thoughts on “More Publicity!

  1. Fairy JerBear

    Congratulations on your success! I love it when our community has another creative voice in the public eye. I wish you nothing but continued success!


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