Enjoying it while it lasts

I don’t know if I can truly class my last gig as a success. I did have a great time as I often do and this time my wife accompanied me. The main thing that spoiled it was my choice of hair – a dark red number to go with my cherry skater dress. It was a bit too wavy for its own good and had a rather eager willingness to get in my mouth when I was trying to sing ha ha!

The other acts were brilliant! There was a lot of rapping going on – Scottish rapping and there was even a female punk duo. I managed to get a bit drunk and spill beer in my handbag resulting in the ‘back’ button on my phone not working anymore.

Please excuse the low quality images, once again it seems I was passed by in terms of photography. It was superb to get to play The Classic Grand though, it’s a lovely big space. Apparently it used to be a porno cinema in its heyday!

A week later an opportunity arose to get some time in the house to try outfits and take pictures. Videos too. It felt odd shaving at home and taking my time getting ready. There were a couple of dresses in particular I was wanting to try out for future usage. Obviously I have tried them on but it’s just not the same until you do the hair and make-up too.

That one I really like but it has been pointed out that it’s a bit on the short side!

That dress is a cracker and I feel so good in it. I tell you what though it’s a bugger to get on and off! Both the dresses are from charity shops and were both under a fiver.

I like this top and skirt combo too, it’s a bit more down to earth. You don’t see it properly in the pics because of the failing light. I intend on wearing this for my gig on Friday as it’s comfortable but suitably feminine and I have to travel in character there again. 

14 thoughts on “Enjoying it while it lasts

  1. Eleanor Burns

    One can only empathise with the hair in the mouth experience, but I deem it worthwhile to look one’s best… as you do. 🙂 The blue dress is a bit short, but I daresay you could get away with it, as long as the stage is not too elevated… You do look amazing in red under those red lights, though. xxx

  2. jillianmrks

    You definitely have a fine eye for fashion. You know what looks good on you. Lots of leg 😉 You also have a knack for finding the bargains! My favorite is the cherry red with the red wig. Brilliant!

    1. Anna Secret Poet Post author

      Thank you, I always try to have the legs out. That’s why I never dabble with trousers outwith my man clothes. The cherry dress had to get washed after the gig and it looks like it’s going to be very troublesome to iron – I’m not happy 😦

    1. Anna Secret Poet Post author

      Thank you Nikki! I only have a few left on the schedule and I genuinely don’t know if I’ll get any more – so far only one person has rebooked me. Hence the title 😄 I hope you have a lovely day and that your weather is much nicer than mine X


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