Revenge Shit

All day he sleeps

Anywhere except his bed

Bites you when you try

To pat him on the head

He’s a grumpy old sod

But loveable in his way

Except when it comes

To the end of the day

Into bed

Settle down with the wife

And that’s when he chooses

To spring to life

He demands attention

A carry on

But we’re too tired

And can’t take him on

He becomes unreasonable

His eyes become black

He squeaks and

Folds his ears back

He lashes out

Blood is spilled

We’d have rather he’d

Sat with us and chilled

Out he’s sent

Into the hall

Door firmly closed

He begins to yawl

Thundering up and down

The length of the flat

Such unearthly sounds

He continually spat

Then before we know it

The scrape in a tray

Lined with litter

No egg does he lay

But something abhorrant

With a powerful odour

The nightly present

From our dear friend Gozer

He knows what he’s doing

He’s not daft

You have to admire

How swiftly it wafts

Hold your nose

From this powerful stun

Humans nil

Gozer one

3 thoughts on “Revenge Shit

  1. Donnalee

    When my father moved to sleep on the foldout bed in the living room during his final illness, after having slept in the basement forever before that, our cat took great glee in making poops right on the bed to pay him back for having been very tall and making little shooing noises at her over the years to amuse himself. Dad nil and eventually retired from the game, Mrs. Beef one and won. I wonder if they ever made it up in the afterlife, since they’ve both passed on since–

    1. Anna Secret Poet Post author

      Naughty pussycat! That’s a cool wee story though, thank you for sharing it 😊 I like to think they’re best buds wherever they are! It’s a lovely thought xxx

      1. Donnalee

        I think they are getting on together, since he wasn’t cruel to her, just got a kick out of shooing her away, and he was a few inches over six feet, so he was a big body compared to a cat.

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