Religious Ecstasy (New Single!)

On Monday the 17th of January I released a new single. It was meant to be on the 28th but due to an admin error it came out earlier than expected. I’ve came to terms with this as I would have been unable to keep up with all the necessary advertisements anyway. I’m rotten at self-promotion and always have been. It has nearly been a year since my last album ‘Pity Party’ and the stats are slowly decreasing with each release so I decided to try something different this year. I plan to release a song a month and ‘Religious Ecstasy’ is the first of this experiment.

I wrote it around the time of my birthday last year when my thoughts turn more inward than at any other time of year and unusually for me it came out really easy. I’ve been having problems in recent times with songs. Melodies and tunes I have plenty of but something to sing over those melodies – that’s another matter.

In lieu of typed lyrics here is a scan of the final draft from my current notebook. There is also a chart at the bottom of the page which details the layout on my 16 track recorder and the whereabouts of all the overdubs.

The photo for the cover was taken by my friend Deborah O’Leary who can found on various sites operating under the name @pixels.glasgow

Aside from being found on all the usual streaming sites you can also get it from my Bandcamp page where you will find my entire discography. Not only that but you get an exclusive Bandcamp-only bonus track which is a cover of the T-Rex song ‘Life’s a Gas’.

‘Religious Ecstasy’ on Bandcamp

Here is the Spotify link!. It’s also on Apple, Amazon, Deezer, Tidal, TikTok, Youtube etc…

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