Shoutin’ Into the Void!

I’d like to talk to you about my new album ‘Shoutin’ Into the Void’! I’m finally set to release it into the wild on Friday the 10th of February – almost 2 years to the day since my last album ‘Pity Party’ came out. You’ll be able to access it across all the usual digital platforms plus my Bandcamp page and I’ll be doing a limited run of CDs so if you want one please let me know.

I won’t be launching it with a gig and also I haven’t done any press at all for it. It’s too stressful and I don’t really know anyone who could write about it or promote it so I’ll just have to talk about it incessantly myself!

For anyone that simply can’t wait that long to hear it or perhapsd would like to review it I have a link to a folder on my Google Drive where you can stream/download it for free. It can be accessed from here πŸ˜‰.

This may be my last as I’m not sure that I have much music left in me nor the will to keep organizing it all by myself. I’ve never had the knack for promoting myself and what little motivation I did have before has all but ceased. In spite of this I believe I’ve created a solid set of songs that should hopefully be able to speak for themselves and I look forward to taking you all on a fun musical journey on the 10th of February, love Anna xxx


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