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Feelin’ Blue

I got blue hair the other day. After initial doubts as to whether or not I could pull off putting together an outfit ended up being a lot fun! First I started out with a cute sweater and black skirt combo…

…but that was perhaps too cutesy. On the advice of some friends I was encouraged to rock it up a bit. I dug out my fishnets, disco boots and New Look tartan dress and prepared to do so 🖤

I always knew there was a rock chick inside of me pleading to be let out! I ended up wearing it out to my show at The Ice Box later that night. It wemt really well and I think my outfit may have had something to do with it 🤘

Also in the last week my new video went live on Youtube. It’s the title track from my forthcoming album ‘No Brainer’ which was filmed by Iain Mutch of WalkerandWilliam in Victoria Park, Glasgow. Follow the link below to view 😉

Anna Secret Poet – No Brainer (Official Video)

The album itself will be out on Monday the 6th of April across all reputable digital platforms and my own Bandcamp page.

Anna’s Bandcamp Page

Selfie Song

A couple of years back I wrote a song called ‘Selfie Song’ that I buried on one of my many albums. It was a topical song at the time and I guess it still kind of is. Months later I made a video that perhaps a few folk seen, made completely with photographs – the vast majority of them were selfies. Taken for the purpose of making the video you understand. I didn’t enjoy doing it honest! I thought you may possibly appreciate it and be warned it may get stuck in your head if you’re not careful.


I also decided to reprint the lyrics for your perusal as well 🙂

Selfie Song

I take the same picture again and again
It’s still not improving
I take the same picture ‘cause I feel the same
I’m still not moving
On every mobile a selfie, mobile a selfie
Mobile a selfie – who?
On every mobile a selfie, mobile a selfie
Mobile a selfie – you!

Am I somehow immune to this obsession with myself?
Time will tell
Do it again – Do it again

I take the same picture a million times
I’ll make it an art form
I share the same picture when I go online
And nobody’s liked it yet
On every mobile a selfie, mobile a selfie
Mobile a selfie – who?
On every mobile a selfie, mobile a selfie
Mobile a selfie – you!

Am I losing my touch or am I caring too much?
It can’t be helped – I blame myself
Do it again – Do it again

Face to face with your fears
At the mercy of your peers


If you enjoyed that you may possibly like the full album it was hidden on. I called it ‘Mind Palace’ and I brought it out at the start of 2014. There’s also a song about crossdressing on it called ‘All Dressed Up and Nowhere To Go’ which I talked about in a previous article A Wig and a Song. Here is a handy link to the full album.

Shameless Video Plug Alert!

Hello there!

I somehow found time these last few days to put together another video for a song on my last album. Hoping to have the single up for download this week with an exclusive bonus track that you won’t find anywhere else.

The lyrics for this had previously been published on this page as a rambling ranting poem but this is undoubtly how they are meant to be enjoyed.

I had a rather demented hour filming this one. I forewent a lunch so I could get it done while the weather was still nice…and there are so many bloody lyrics in it!

Hopefully next time I may have some new gig news X


Hello there!

It’s been a fairly Anna-less few weeks but I have been working on some more material incase of any future gigs. Some time was snatched last night to film four more poems which I shall share over the course of the week. Obviously I took some pictures too – with my new DSLR so I’ll share them soon too if anyone is interested.

Mainly today I’d like to share something I promised to ages ago. I promised you a ‘dodgy video’ for a track from the B-Side Boy vs VHS Girl album. Well after overcoming software problems last week my post-production finally took place yesterday!

I’d like to present to you the video for ‘Unloved’ by B-Side Boy 🙂

Next time there will be dresses! You can be sure of it…