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Panic Stations!

Yesterday my cover was almost blown, it was a very close one indeed! As you may know I had started an Instagram a few weeks back to try it out. It went rather well as it happens and through it I began to make some fab new connections plus bumping into a few familiar faces. Great fun indeed and over 3 weeks I’d managed to build up a bit of a following – just under 500 which is superb for such a short space of time. It eventually crashed down though yesterday morning…

…I had been having problems with my phone. You know when you’re clicking on things and nothing’s happening? At the time I was uploading a pic on Instagram before heading off to work. It is entirely possible I clicked on something I perhaps shouldn’t have. My phone complied in time and I headed out. On the journey I noticed I had some new follower notifications from people I actually knew. They were people who know about the Anna thing so I thought nothing of it. On my morning tea break I took a frantic call from my wife to say she’d had a notification that (insert male name) was on Instagram as Anna Blair and was inviting her to join him there! Panic set in and it seemed the only course of action was to delete the whole thing there and then 😦

I hated myself at first but reasoning won. In truth most of my Facebook friends who have one are arty types and would have got it but there are some close family members who definitely would not have. I will make another one but I know it won’t be the same at all. If I follow the same people back they’ll likely just ignore me knowing my luck. It’s crap starting from scratch.

I don’t want to end on a downer so I’ll share another pic from last weekend (pretty sure I didn’t put this up already). Have a good one when it comes X


Trans Lives Matter: Anna

I’ve just been profiled in Frock Magazine! Many thanks to http://www.daniellaargento.com for turning my garbled answers to probing questions into readable prose 😄

Daniella's Ramblings

In an attempt to better understand the lived experiences of transgender (in the broadest sense) people from around the world I have been doing a series of interviews with people from around the world, asking them a common set of questions to understand who they are, what they experience on a daily basis and how they interact with the wider world. I hope that the following set of profiles will illuminate our shared experiences and also expose us all to new and different world views.

Anna Blair (no relation of the less well known and much less well liked Tony*) is a crossdresser, with a wicked sense of humour, who lives as a man just outside the Scottish City of Glasgow in the United Kingdom. She has no plans to transition. Her female persona is expressed ‘part-time’. Anna usually expresses her feminine side in private and behind closed doors but…

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One Lovely Blog Award


Goodness me – I got my first blog award today! It’s from from http://www.akinderway.com and if you haven’t been there you should check it out. A variety of sage advice and great ideas. Plus they definitely live up to their name! Cheers A Kinder Way 🙂

I’m going to take this opportunity to formally introduce you to some of the blogs I follow and maybe we could all get to know each other a bit better.

These are the specific rules you must follow…

  1. Thank the person that nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  2. List the rules.
  3. Display the award on your post.
  4. List seven facts about yourself.
  5. Nominate (up to) 15 bloggers for this award and comment on one of their posts to let them know you have nominated them.

That doesn’t sound too bad does it?

In that case here are 7 fairly random and at times rather candid facts about me;

  1. I broke my collar bone when I was 14 and as a consequence I’m unable to sleep on my right hand side. No spooning 😦
  2. I don’t enjoy watching sport on the T.V. of any description
  3. I can’t dance but would love to learn to move about properly one day
  4. I love roaming around old derelict, abandoned or condemned buildings
  5. I tried to hang myself when I was 11 or 12 around the time that my parents split up
  6. I still regret my last purge in which I lost my favourite auburn wig
  7. I’m absolutely obsessed with all things ‘Doctor Who’, in fact I love it so much that picking a favourite Doctor is very difficult indeed (though if you prodded me I’d most likely say Patrick Troughton)

I hope that wasn’t too boring, I did spend a while actually getting it down to 7 things. Twas tricky! I would now like to lead you to a list of the 15 blogs that I nominate for a Lovely Blog Award. These are some of the ones I frequent and if you haven’t heard of them you could definitely give them a bash!















Many apologies if I have (and I know I will have) left anyone out. I can assure you it wasn’t intentional but getting it down to 15 was damned difficult. Keep a wee eye out for my next post which was most certainly about my foray into cabaret this coming Friday – eek!

New House/New Groove

Finally starting to settle down after the house move in the last few weeks. There are I admit some boxes and bags still to be sorted but we’ve been too busy living it of late. The chance to dress arose again on Sunday morning and I couldn’t wait. For the first time in ages I was going to be able to take pictures with a camera instead of my phone. The extra window in the living room would also open up more lighting possibilities. Although I have no new clothes I was able to pick out a few nice  outfits to lounge around in. First one was a nice black dress that once belonged to my wife, I shaved my chest for this one.


I too a few shots but this is the best one.

Next up was a burgandy satin effect vest top and short denim skirt. I ventured out into the close at this point as we have no other neighbours on our floor.




I do love that skirt. I also love the next one, a green skirt I got for £1 in Primark before the summer. Ended up keeping that one on for the next while as it was so much fun!





It was my initial idea to write something more substantial as my next entry but I couldn’t resist sharing the photos. They came out so well. Next time definitely once I have my words together!




Thank you for stopping by X

Stuck in a Dress!

Last night my wife’s friend popped round for a coffee and with a bag of hand me down clothes. Most of them were for my daughter but she surprised me when she produced a silky patterned dress and announced “This is for you if you’d like it”. As a matter of fact I did like it and noticed it was a size 16 – that should be okay I thought and I put it in the room for later.


When I was getting ready for bed later on that evening I remembered the dress and decided to give it a try. It felt really nice (smelled really nice too!). I slipped it over my head and it cascaded down my torso rather pleasingly. Yes I like this. But when it came to removing it became a different game – damn these muscley arms of mine! I was stuck and mild panic set in. Memories of previous  stuck situations flashed before my eyes, searching for a way to deal with this. I’m sure every crossdresser has exprienced this, especially with something that they know they shouldn’t have tried on. Now they need to get out of it without ruining the garment. I still harbour a little remorse for one of sister’s skirts I busted many years ago. In the end I had to enlist the help of my wife so as to ensure the survival of the dress, she was most amused. And do you know, being such a glutton for punishment I’m actually going to keep it for now and may wear it again X