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Shameless Video Plug Alert!

Hello there!

I somehow found time these last few days to put together another video for a song on my last album. Hoping to have the single up for download this week with an exclusive bonus track that you won’t find anywhere else.

The lyrics for this had previously been published on this page as a rambling ranting poem but this is undoubtly how they are meant to be enjoyed.

I had a rather demented hour filming this one. I forewent a lunch so I could get it done while the weather was still nice…and there are so many bloody lyrics in it!

Hopefully next time I may have some new gig news X

Frown Away

Frown away like you don’t know what to do
While I’m away you may question what you knew

Frown away in an awkward state of mind
You’ve had your say – I’ll make sure that I’ll have mine

Many times you brought me to
My proverbial knees in the morning dew
Maybe I could satisfy you
And your curiosity too

Crack the egg liberate what is inside
Pull my leg make me regret my foolish pride

Frown away – have you forgotten how to smile?
To my dismay I couldn’t find it in your files