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Angry at Shadows

Hello there! Don’t worry unduly, I’m not actually angry. That’s the title of the poem I plan to sit at the end of this post. I realise I didn’t write about my last gig – I wasn’t too sure if anyone’d be too interested in stories about gigs now they’re normal occurances. It was fun though sparsely attended. An audience of 4…who incidentally all had four letter names! I wore my favourite teal skater dress and poemed and sang as per normal. Here are a couple of pics from just after I got changed.

I was a guest of The Creative Martyrs at their monthly cabaret entitled The Sinister Wink. They amongst my very favourite performers and I was suitably honoured to be sharing a stage with them. Also performing were Jack Squat (whom I cannot do justice to describe with mere words) and Luna TikTok who was an awesome burlesque dancer. She wowed us with a routine inspired by Vampira and ‘Plan 9 From Outer Space’. It was a very intimate evening and I really enjoyed the show. I didn’t however enjoy the heat…which will become a recurring menace for the next batch of gigs I think. I wouldn’t normally choose to crossdress in the thick of the summer but now I absolutely have to as I’ve accrued some commitments 😄.

Last week marked a new first for me as it happens, I was attending a cabaret as Anna but not performing. It was also the first time I ventured outside in daylight and boarded a train to the gig. My debut Anna performance doesn’t count as the evenings in February are dark and therefore not daylight. Nothing untoward happened (apart from the damned heat ruining my carefully applied eye make-up). It was great fun! I got a chance to speak to a bunch of people and network as well. I met up with a couple of ladies who I’d briefly spoke to at the last All Sorts night Deborah and her friend Bea. Also I won a prize in the raffle which I sadly must have left at the venue. It was a scented candle as I recall 😯.

That last pic was taken by Deborah, she sent me a few but this was the best one.

I had a gig on Thursday night which I discussed in my last post. It was a real poetry and spoken word night so it was rather different to the cabarets I’m used to. I got changed in work again and damn me if it wasn’t even hotter this time on the train. Luckily I wore sunglasses this time so I didn’t look as messy. I had gotten myself really nervous this time but it turns out I needn’t have worried. It was a very interesting evening. Very inspirational indeed and I came away brimming with possibilities again. I was put on first which was fine by me as it meant I could relax and enjoy the remainder of the evening. I did a few choice favourites plus my equality poem which went well. My whole set did well luckily. There was laughter in all the right places! There was no photography on the night but I took a few snaps before ‘normalizing’.

It all got me really fired up for next few gigs. I’ve managed to infiltrate a night at the Classic Grand in Glasgow next Thursday called ‘Jamfest’. It’s not like a normal gig, there is a line-up but there’s also the bonus of being able to cross pollinate and jam with each other too! I fully intend to try a song out by recruiting a bassist and drummer on the hoof :). Including that show I have a total of 5 to look forward to up to November when I play the Burlesque Festival. Definitely shaping up to be an exciting few months!

So I shall end on a wee work in progess called… <br><br>
‘Angry at Shadows'<br><br>
Happily stealing

leftover feelings

scrape them away

like potato peelings

words are for writing

and sometimes igniting

the fire inside

when it’s time for fighting<br><br>
The syllables mounting

practically shouting

no virtue is made

of the facts they are doubting

geniuses fading

once were so laiden

with fantastic ideas

they’re no longer parading<br><br>
Movement is lyrical

moonlight is cynical

the risk of opinion

is swapped for a miracle

my temper forgot

it happens a lot

he has such a shit memory

of what he’s been taught


Anna’s Equality Poem

In a couple of weeks time I shall making an appearance at my first legitimate poetry and spoken word evening. A mildly terrifying prospect after the cosy safety of variety and cabaret! There is also a theme to the night which is Equality. Apparently you don’t need to stick to the theme but I thought it’d be impolite not to. After banging my head off a wall for a couple of weeks I shook some words out and they formed a sort of piece which I’d like to share if you don’t object.

‘Anna’s Equality Poem’

We’re the same you and I

Except for the wig…

and I hope that so far

you’re all enjoying this gig,

I have no facts or figures

to quantify equality

to do so anyway

would depend on your ideology;

we don’t all dive in from the rain

but we all feel pain

we don’t all support the same team

we all have aspirations and dreams!

We’re the same you and I

except for the fake breasts…

I mostly keep my head down

and hope for the best,

I have no detailed analyses

to offer about equality

instead I choose to focus

on our similarities;

We don’t all sit and wonder

about the skies we are under

we all have to drink and eat

and eventually…excrete!

We’re the same you and I

except for the heels…

I possess the instinct to survive

I know you know how that feels,

I have no problems with

the notion of equality

as a human it should be

our moral duty;

We don’t all fight wars or watch ‘Eastenders’

we don’t all know about the spectrum of gender

we all occasionally like a laugh

and occasionally…we all need a bath!

I knew a song would move the job along!

I’m happy to report another successful gig! This one being my fourth I feel a definite improvement and I reckon I’m starting to get the hang of it. It wasn’t a packed crowd but every single person was up for it and with such a formidable line-up they’d be crazy not to. Tom Harlow, Kim Khaos, Markee De Saw, Roxy Stardust, Tootsie Annie, Lacy Rain and a fellow by the name of Jack Squat. His contribution will especially live on in memory as he came on as the Kraken from ‘Clash of the Titans’ (1981 of course) and lipsynched to ‘Beyond the Sea’ by Bobby Darin!

I closed the first act with my usual nonsense, albeit a couple of poems I haven’t previously read in public yet. There was laughter which still takes me by surprise – I need to learn to ride that wave! And then my song, for this gig I covered another old favourite: ‘A Spoonful of Sugar’ from ‘Mary Poppins’. I’ve always wanted to cover that so I’d been beavering away at it a few weeks prior. Evidently I hadn’t worked on it hard enough as I managed to screw it up. Luckily people loved that even more! Years past in other little solo gigs (when I wasn’t wearing a dress) I’ve found that folk seem to find it rather endearing when you make mistakes and gleefully admit it. I still smile when I think of how people started clapping and singing along, I’m not used to that either. They EVEN did the call and response bit – you know, the bit when Mary sings to herself in the mirror (and hence…). I got a lot of positive feedback which has fired me up and made me even more excited for the next one.

A couple of my friends attended which was brilliant as I didn’t think anyone would go but I was particularly chuffed that an online friend came. A tgirl called Tegan who lives in Glasgow and whom I’d only ever spoken to digitally. That was really nice and topped the evening off nicely. I definitely came away with several new friends and feeling that little bit better about the whole ‘Secret Poet’ thing.

I didn’t get any top quality pics, in truth the lighting wasn’t great. Just the obligatory post make-up selfies and a blurry action that a friend donated.




Anna Strikes Again

On Monday night I got to get my poet on for the second time and I had tremendous fun. Feeling a lot less nervy this time round, was able to kind of relax and even planned my set out properly. I even got a chance to pose for some pics beforehand when the bar was pretty vacant as I’d hoped.











The other acts were amazing as well; Violet Duff, The Creative Martyrs, Wild Card Kitty (who came out dressed as a hot dog and left covered barely dressed splattered in ketchup and mustard), Markee De Saw (who’s tips on how to pick up women were priceless and included a note perfect rendition of ‘The Bad Touch’), Haystack Monolith, Kim Khaos, Lala, and the compere extraordinaire Paul Puppet. His rendition of ‘Happy Together’ in a german accent was particularly enjoyable.

I’m not sure when my next gig will be but that should allow me time to collect more material. I have applied for a few things and contacted people so I’m just waiting to see. Hopefully I’ll have another one to report before long X

A massive thank you to anyone who came along, especially my good lady wife who took these pictures!












Panic Stations!

Yesterday my cover was almost blown, it was a very close one indeed! As you may know I had started an Instagram a few weeks back to try it out. It went rather well as it happens and through it I began to make some fab new connections plus bumping into a few familiar faces. Great fun indeed and over 3 weeks I’d managed to build up a bit of a following – just under 500 which is superb for such a short space of time. It eventually crashed down though yesterday morning…

…I had been having problems with my phone. You know when you’re clicking on things and nothing’s happening? At the time I was uploading a pic on Instagram before heading off to work. It is entirely possible I clicked on something I perhaps shouldn’t have. My phone complied in time and I headed out. On the journey I noticed I had some new follower notifications from people I actually knew. They were people who know about the Anna thing so I thought nothing of it. On my morning tea break I took a frantic call from my wife to say she’d had a notification that (insert male name) was on Instagram as Anna Blair and was inviting her to join him there! Panic set in and it seemed the only course of action was to delete the whole thing there and then 😦

I hated myself at first but reasoning won. In truth most of my Facebook friends who have one are arty types and would have got it but there are some close family members who definitely would not have. I will make another one but I know it won’t be the same at all. If I follow the same people back they’ll likely just ignore me knowing my luck. It’s crap starting from scratch.

I don’t want to end on a downer so I’ll share another pic from last weekend (pretty sure I didn’t put this up already). Have a good one when it comes X