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Broken Circles

Broken circles turn no more

Wakened sleepers pound the floor

Friends and strangers rearrange

Some wounds heal some weep with shame,

Broken circles have an end

They have no effort left to spend

Fight the urges to repair

Leave the pieces over there

Unprepared for Despair (#NationalPoetryDay)

I wanted to pen something

For poetry day

But lately I feel

Like my brain’s gone away,

I’m struggling to find joy

Or ideas to inspire

I feel like a phoney

An inveterate liar,

No use will come of the

Words I commit

But defeat is a thing

I refuse to admit,

So with nothing to say

I march blindly along

Not entirely certain 

Of where I belong


The embed of this song appears to only show up on the web version of WordPress, here is also a direct link: https://chairmancow.bandcamp.com/track/purge


Anxiety returns
My cup it overflows
Though angles may vary
Just like appreciation,
Although my neck is cracked
I will soldier on
No hiding places left
I’ve used them all up now

Positivity is conspicuous by it’s non-appearance
Long minutes of silence punctuated with occasional excitement
Or is it excrement?

Abandoning my love
An indecisive gesture
Though it’s not intended
To upset or dishearten,
Gradually I learn
To survive these feelings
Gain a louder
And more ominous perfection

Negativity is abhorrent and it’s right in front of us
Long hours of nothing disturbed by sudden activity –
Am I drowning in rhetoric?
In passing have you read me?
So many questions I forget them all
Although I hope you don’t
I feel a purge coming on
Someone says it’s clinical but I don’t know

I won’t abandon anything
Unless it truly deserves it
I close a book to earn a break
And forgot where I put it,
I’ll accentuate the positive
When I know I mean it
It’s the only lie
I can’t bring myself to be a part of…

In lieu of the new album which I shall share in the coming weeks, here is a track from my 2009 album ‘Ole Spider Plate’. This was the first song (and one of few) where I’m singing about my curious hobby. If you’re just reading the words sans the music I bet you’re thinking “How the hell would you sing these words?”. Well I somehow managed. Fear not – it’s not as depressing as it seems. It’s kind of uplifting πŸ™‚

Idea Thieves

Thinking of points to prove
So peek into the mirror
Whilst I try hard to lose
The salt from these biblical wounds
Am I imagining a great something?

Outrunning the hourglass
I know you’ll steal a second peek
To confirm and deny
The fatigue of this mindless pursuit
But have you the stomach or the lungs to match?

I’ve never seen so much rain
I’ve never wanted to be drier
Another hole has appeared
I think I’ll put it with the others
Am I proposing to do nothing?

Thinking both views are wrong
I seek a proper education
It is foolish at this stage
Of this unpleasant situation
I’ll let you keep them – there’s more where they came from


Outer Circle

How ironic my advice is stale
Cautionary seeds are sown
Like a sweet idea that’s badly sung
Melody has lost not won:
There’s a chasm and it’s widening
Mind the gap – cause and effect
Mother’s been calling all the graveyards
But the phones ring out
Termination – mind your reputation

Shaking dry earth from my worn out shoes
Dressing down before the darkness comes
Random thoughts are all that remain just now
No time for big thoughts anyhow:
There’s a feeling and it’s unshakable
Mind your mind – it’s far too precious
It’s the only one you have
And your bound to need it
I know I need mine – for something less benign


Burning Question

There’s nothing more dreadful
Than punishing ones self
With half baked answers to burning questions
Does it mean so little?
Concentration shot
All the limits reached
Savouring delights unheard of
In these restless times

I think we’re all the same
With longing in our hearts
To strike out on the great adventure
We were born to take,
Unbuckle my fatigue
Don your protective gear
These questions may cause untold harm
If not handled correctly


Glass Paranoia

Barely touching
Only sleeping
Thank you for asking
And keeping it simple,
So far the embers
Courageous mantras
Trust only circles
As voices evolve

Lust reverberating
Depress it or suffer accordingly
Fake as a metaphor
Sad like the wind,
Rest while I consider
Cascading electricity
Be shocked into folding
I can’t face your kingdom

Moments like these
They procreate monsters
Thank you for whiling
These last enraptured hours,
So in your dreaming
We ask your forgiveness
And make sure that wonder
Is not replaced with fury


Ode from a Toad

‘Ode from a Toad’

I was born inside a parody
I was born in someone else’s joke
With no concept of permanence
I was doomed before I even spoke,
My first steps were unspectacular
But at least they didn’t end in a fall
I stomp around unaided now
Hindered only by feeling so small

You were born inside a mystery
Wrapped tightly in an enigma
And my feeble attempts to understand
Well they didn’t get me very far,
Your manner is quite peculiar
Equally attracts and it repels
I’d like to know what you’re really thinking of
But I’m certain you will never tell


No Pressure

I have not had much time for proper Anna activity in recent weeks other than planning a girls night out (on the 6th of March!!!). In the mean time I thought I’d post another little poem – I call this one ‘No Pressure’


Are fantasy and reality becoming blurred?

I feel the weight of my history and it fucking hurts

The precious gift that a song can bring pulls me apart

An honest truth or a misery – no finer art


Is this black cloud hanging over me or just passing through?

Maybe I’m its stopover on the way to rain on you

I’m doing fine thanks for not asking – fine as can be

Fighting alone must look pretty strange – it’s normal to me


2014-11-07 18.33.20