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Livin’ My Pinup Dream!

Recently as I spend more and more time on Instagram and less time here (sorry WordPress) I find myself drawn heavily ever increasingly to the pinup scene. The fire has also been stoked by spending time around a fair amount of burlesquers at my gigs too and I really really want to join in! A couple of weeks ago I had another photoshoot – which I shall share in another post soon I promise – but last week I decided I wanted to actually plan a specific shoot based around a pinup look. To that end I elected to hop onto eBay and search for some gorgeous dresses. I watched a handful (that I sadly was outbid upon) but gained a lovely blue Hellbunny polka dot dress with a halterneck. It arrived 2 DAYS LATER! What service ๐Ÿ˜ŠHappily its arrival coincided with an empty house and I was able to try it on unhindered by the constraints of time. I would have to get a petticoat at some point but I’d worry about that later. Swiftly I de-haired my legs, face and chest and was ready to begin. There was no question about stockings and suspenders – they were an absolute must ๐Ÿ˜‰Truly it’s one of the most magnificent dresses I’ve ever owned and I instantly felt like I had to share it. I decided I’d wear it at The Dragopticon Show that Friday! To wind down I changed my hair for a straighter style and dressed down. I ended up taking a few saucy photos about the house which is always fun. Here are some of the highlights ๐Ÿ˜˜It was just like old times! Going out dressed up is fun to an extent but it’s much more comfy in the house. I was able to pack my suitcase in readiness for the Friday show at the Britannia Panopticon. When the day came around I was able to purchase a petticoat en route. A lovely lady called Holly, who was coming to the show, informed me that her shop sold them so I dropped by to do just that. I’m so glad I did as it made the dress sing even more!A bonus was I called my wife who was with my sister and her partner and they were just about to order food around the corner so I was able to pop out and join them ๐Ÿ˜„ I may have turned a few heads!The night went swimmingly. In charge was Alana Duvey who was as amazing as ever! Also on the bill were Dharma Geddon, Pebblez, Dorian T. Fisk and Alfie Ordinary. Official photos will appear at some point but I have one or two audience ones to share here for the moment…Chris Grayson managed this one of me which I rather like ๐Ÿ˜ŠMy sister Diane took a few phone pics tooI also managed to get a wee selfie with her too at the end!Here are links to my 2 sets on Youtube! Thank you to Fiona McCann for filming them. You can also see everyone elses from the main Dragopticon page ๐Ÿ˜‰Anna Secret Poet, Dragopticon 2/8/19, Set 1Anna Secret Poet, Dragopticon 2/8/19, Set 2

I feel I should point out that my intended shoot has yet to take place. I have not decided who to work with and where so these amateur efforts don’t count ๐Ÿ˜œ

Happy Halloween!

Hello you beautiful bunch! I hope you all have a suitably spooky Halloween. I haven’t been on here much recently but I hope to catch up with some of you soon. Until then here’s a sexy vampire pic – specifically she’s trying to drum up interest for a show at the 13th Note this Saturday the 4th…

The Imaginatively Titled Post 100!

Hello there and welcome to my one hundredth post. Who’d have thought that was even possible…I wonder what the other 99 were about! 
I didn’t write one after my last gig as there wasn’t much to say to be honest. That night was the drugs themed poetry and spoken word night. I had written something specially, which I may share at a later date, but I’m not sure I was any good to be honest. It was a disappointing turnout – even the person running it turned up after the appointed start time. I also took the opportunity to try out mostly new material but the response was lacklustre sadly ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

The look I rocked at that night can be seen above, sort of a cute librarian style. As there were meant to be a lot of folk reading the start time was early and supposedly rigid. I got away 30 mins early from work and actually got ready and was out the door in that half an hour. Perhaps I shouldn’t have bothered. I ended up leaving early and was home for just after 9pm. Actually who am I kidding…any excuse to cut about in the outside world in a cute skirt and boots!

With Halloween approaching and the now traditional dress up and watch a movie in the evening with my wife, a dressing possibility opened up two days earlier. That would mean I’d also be able to make a few more poetry videos as well as try out some new shoes and outfits. If I don’t get to do Halloween I won’t be upset as I did make the most of that chance. A lady in work had given me an orange dress with zips up the side a couple of weeks ago. It wasn’t too bad in fact it was quite comfy.

Also I dug out a rather cute top I haven’t worn for a couple of years and paired it with a black skirt I’ve become fond of. A comfy outfit to wear for my videos which I shall also share when I’ve edited them. 5 new poems including one I’ve been working on for a few weeks about my Irn Bru addiction…

I should point out that I’m wearing stockings as well. I plan to wear them at my next gig so was just rehearsing putting them on.

Also I found time to take a few Halloween style shots with some cheap vampire teeth. It’s my dodgy attempt at a sexy vampire!

Hope that didn’t scare you too much! Should’ve put up a warning or something ha ha 😄. The Prisma app has a special Halloween filter this week actually. It makes everything blood red and shit your pants scary so I processed those pics through it to see what’d happen.

Aah that’s much better. Hell on earth don’t you think? I better be going now, I hope you all have a fun and relatively safe Halloween. Until next time…it’s back into the closet I go!

Happy to be Red again!

I managed to get a little session last night to try some outfits and most excitingly a new wig which arrived that morning! It’s one I’ve been watching on eBay on and off for ages but finally cracked and bought earlier in the week.

Also I was looking forward to taking pictures with my good camera. Before I shaved and got changed I set it up in the bedroom and locked it off so I could do some male to female side by side shots. They turned out okay but because of the bed sheets it’s hard to match up the 2 images perfectly on my wee phone app.

I wish I’d spent a bit more time on it but I had to crack on with the other stuff I had planned. It was decided I’d make the most of my time and do a few different things I could keep on ice to release at later dates so as not to overshare.

The skirt isn’t new but given the volume of skirtage in my wardrobe some inevitably fall by the weyside. The next outfit was my favourite and the one I kept on for the longest (mainly due to having to recharge the camera battery and then having to wait to start again!).

I like that last one, I think I know how to sit down better than posing vertically!

The last look of the evening was a charity shop find from a few weeks back. Very smart it is too ๐Ÿ™‚

As I mentioned earlier I did other things too like filmed a couple of the more recent poems and took some other photos which I may find another post for.

Earlier this morning I found out that the venue my next scheduled gig was to take place at is closing for good tonight. ‘Rockus’ in Finnieston Very sad as it was a really cool little place I could have got to know a lot better over the coming months. It means my next gig is the Extra Second night at The Blue Chair cafรจ, a themed poetry and spoken word night. This one is all about Drugs. I’ve nearly finished the piece I’m going to read and I’ll no doubt share it on this page once I’m sure it’s finished.


Black Knee High Platform Boots

It’s funny how you always assume it’ll be ages until the next time you get to dress up and then all of a sudden several hours fall into your lap. Can you keep a secret? My work every year grants us a secret half day in the month of December exclusively for Christmas shopping purposes. It doesn’t get noted in official paperwork or even on the yearly planner in the office. I often wonder what other people do with theirs but I guess they must do something Christmassy, it is a decent opportunity for those who need to catch up with it. As it turns out my house was going to be empty between 2 and 8pm and these situations don’t require much thought for me. I was especially excited as it would be a chance to try out my new black knee high platform boots…


…and maybe make another purchase during my shopping trip. But alas I was a good (lady)boy and resisted the myriad temptations, in particular a black and white plaid skirt and a black chinese style blouse which I know in total would only have cost ยฃ6 but I do need to keep an eye on the old wardrobe. Some of it does need to go, I think.

I took my time getting ready. I like to pick choice garnents before getting made up but I’m assuming everyone does that. Believe it or not that’s a recent development. I picked out a thin grey jumper, a short stretchy black skirt and a black crochet dress that once belonged to my wife. I almost sold it on eBay a while back. It was only when I was taking the pictures of it I changed my mind and put it back in a drawer all safe and snug. I also chose to wear my favourite black hold ups. You won’t see the tops in the pictures but I know they’re there ๐Ÿ˜‰









It was fun, the boots were brilliant. Certainly as high as I like it. Will need a bit of practice walking in them though to be fair. They were only ยฃ20 with an added ยฃ4.95 for postage and packing which doesn’t seem bad to me. With someone like myself they should last a while though as they’ll probably not leave the house or get worn very often.

Hand me down joy

It’s been a quiet old month on the whole though a week or so ago my wife had a big clearout and I couldn’t resist having a look through the piles! Sizing issues precluded most of it but I helped myself to a top or two, a couple of stretchy textured skirts, an intriguing black dress and some nightdresses (which I probably won’t wear as often but at the end of a session they are nice to slip into).



The Sunday morning I got was also a chance to try my new suspender belt. I wanted a simple lacy black one as the one I’ve had for years was part of a set, the only part I rescued sadly. It was nice to dress in the morning as I was able to apply my makeup at the living room window bathed in natural light. After years of going into the bathroom to do it (a bathroom with no window) it’s a revelation so it is! I think I did a pretty decent job.



I didn’t have very long before I had to snap out of my reverie and go and pick the kids up from my grandparents. On the way however I went shopping and have ended up with another couple of dresses. A really nice green one – it’s as green as you can get by the way! Like, Christmas green it is and only ยฃ2.50 to boot. The other one is from Primark and that was full price but totally my style, a dark green tartan dress with a black Peter Pan collar. It has a slight ‘school’ feel to it, hopefully it will make me look a bit younger. No pics of those yet, next time though!



I don’t know if any of my fellow crossdressers get this but I’m also experiencing that mad feeling of wanting to tell it to the world again. I realise I’m technically doing that by having an online presence but I mean like getting out the trumpets and standing atop a mountain – a large hill will do. Hopefully it will pass, I guess it must be normal. Maybe it’s also a good sign. A sign that perhaps I’ve finally began to accept myself which I never thought I would do.