Top 10 pre-teen crushes

I posted this on my old blog 4 years ago and decided I’d like to share it with you guys. I still stand by the choices and would also like to add that stylistically these ladies have all influenced me in some form or another too!

Chairman Cow

This idea came to me the other week, at first hypothetical but then an actual scribbled list of ladies who turned my head before I knew what that sort of thing was really all about.

10. Phoebe Cates – Especially in ‘Gremlins’ where I think it’s fair to say she’s as cute as a squirrel’s nut!


9. Sophie Aldred – ‘Ace’ in Doctor Who, a great role model for young girls and boys at the time (hitting Daleks with baseball bats and blowing stuff up in general).


8. Colleen Camp – Pretty much just for ‘Clue’ I’m afraid, possibly the first time I seen a french maid, and I liked it I have to say.


7. Ally Sheedy – I thought she was lovely in ‘Short Circuit’ and I’m ashamed to say it’s only recently I’ve seen some of her other films from the period.


6. Lea Thompson – If…

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