A Promise

“A Promise”

I won’t put words in your mouth
Or ideas in your head
Or show you black and white photos
Of mouldy bread
I won’t put shoes in your fridge
Or swap your vodka for brine
I won’t reset your watch
To the incorrect time
I won’t distract you from doing
What you planned to today
Or make a giant model
Of your head in clay (Hellooooo…)
I won’t swat you when pretending
To kill a bee
Or roll my eyes when you’re
Talking to me

I won’t say one thing
And do another
Or alienate your friends
Or tickle your mother
I won’t answer the phone
In a high-pitched voice
Like an excited mouse
That’s gone all moist
I won’t forget your birthday
Or other important dates
Or wake you up early
When we’ve stayed up late
But I will say I love you
And mean it as well
It’s a pleasure and a privilege
To be under your spell




11 thoughts on “A Promise

  1. Veronica Beta

    My Dear Miss Anna. Lovely. 🙂 How did you know my wee Vi is a witch? A good one, to be sure. Unless I anger her somewhat. OY! How I rue those mistakes! 🙂 Thank You Anna. Wishes for continued success! 🙂

      1. Veronica Beta

        Anna! Ach, one wee drink with a true Glaswegian? I would nae commit such social blunder! I believe the acceptable minimum is four. One for each corner of the winds perhaps? Hardly. I will toast your countryman, you may toast to mine, one over the bread we should break together. And the toast that must NEVER be omitted and addressed to all present, Slainte mhath!

      2. Veronica Beta

        Well then wee lass, in the Land of the Bard, Robbie Burns. May your sojourn into the Land of a dram of Me time prove redeeming. May your waking hours be the canvas for your dreams. Lets just sae the Lord be thankit 🙂 Rabbie Burns, the Band of Ayershire.
        A man who knew some measure of the poetry of life. Ya kin? Magnificent.
        My Dear Anna, until we speak again.
        Veronica Beat, Aurora, CO The 23rd of March, C. E.

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