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Status: Woe

‘Status: Woe’


My face hurts from smiling

My tongue hurts from lying

My eyes hurt from crying

My hands hurt from trying


My ears hurt from listening

My brain hurts from thinking

My liver hurts from drinking

My heart hurts from sinking


My feet hurt from running

My knees hurt from jerking

My soul hurts from working

My pride hurts from lurking


My conscience hurts from telling

My moods hurt from swinging

My throat hurts from singing

My nose hurts from minging…still, you’ve got to laugh!


If you haven’t heard from me, I’m probably dead

If you haven’t heard from me, I’m probably dead

Though it may not have crossed your mind

My lack of communication

Is cos I’ve left my body behind

Maybe you think I’ve moved on

And have made some new friends

‘Moving on’ could be correct

In a suddenly non-living sense

If you haven’t heard from me, I wouldn’t worry

Probably life’s got in the way

I’ve been juggling it so awkwardly

It’s in such disarray

What was the last thing I said to you?

I bet it was as innocuous as hell

And you’ve probably forgotten

That’s why you don’t want to tell!

If you haven’t heard from me, I’m probably dead

It’s not like I’d be able to say

We don’t even know the same people

So you can’t find out that way

Don’t even know if I deserve tributes

Let alone ones I’d likely never see

So let’s share our feelings now

Me to you and you to me

Last Minute Gig Joy!

Excitingly on Tuesday I was offered a last minute gig for a Thursday night cabaret at a significant venue for me. I had been offered the chance to perform at the Riding Room – the very destination for Anna’s first excursion into the world. I felt I could hardly turn it down! It was just a brief set as usual, around 10 minutes worth and I decided that as well as the usual poems I would end on a song accompanying myself on the guitar. That ought to liven things up a little.

The host was a lady called Roxy Stardust – a formidably dressed lady indeed and she greeted me with a warm hug. ‘Roxy’s Round Up’ was the official title of the night and she explained that it was a chance to try new acts out. I hoped in some way that I would pass the test so to speak as I’m starting to get a good feeling about what I’m doing and finally gaining some form of confidence. I was determined not to let her down. As it happens everyone else on the bill were burlesque dancers and that was an utter joy. Having to share a dressing space was tricky though I can assure you that I played the part of the gentleman well.

I opened the second act around the half 11 but after reading 3 poems I got the feeling that it was best to break out the song. I realise poetry isn’t for everyone and although there were laughs in the right places I was tired. I gave them my spirited rendition of ‘Angel Eyes (Home and Away)’ by Wet Wet Wet. A tried and tested classic that I know inside out and didn’t need to pre-rehearse. Next time I’ll break out something equally diverse ;).

I think I went down reasonably well and when I came off stage I headed straight for the dressing area. I’d built up quite a heat and knew it was time to ‘normalize’. Happily I was able to save taxi money by catching the last bus – although it bloody crawled home I can tell you. Got in for half 1. Pity I couldn’t have gotten the next day off from work 😩.

I only got to take one picture, just after I’d gotten changed. Though I did notice a man snapping away at stage right so hopefully I’ll see and share some official photos at one point. Actually I was quite pleased with how I looked this time round. Possibly it was because the area where I got changed was a bit chilly so my make-up didn’t run. I had some problems the last time with my eyeliner in particular. My next gig is on the 18th of May and that’s looking like it’s going to be a cracker too!


A Promise

“A Promise”

I won’t put words in your mouth
Or ideas in your head
Or show you black and white photos
Of mouldy bread
I won’t put shoes in your fridge
Or swap your vodka for brine
I won’t reset your watch
To the incorrect time
I won’t distract you from doing
What you planned to today
Or make a giant model
Of your head in clay (Hellooooo…)
I won’t swat you when pretending
To kill a bee
Or roll my eyes when you’re
Talking to me

I won’t say one thing
And do another
Or alienate your friends
Or tickle your mother
I won’t answer the phone
In a high-pitched voice
Like an excited mouse
That’s gone all moist
I won’t forget your birthday
Or other important dates
Or wake you up early
When we’ve stayed up late
But I will say I love you
And mean it as well
It’s a pleasure and a privilege
To be under your spell